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Fante marriage list

 Fante marriages are a spectacle of love and culture, especially the Fante marriage list. Every part of the marital process reflects various elements of Fante culture, history, and society, leading to the most memorable and joyous marriage ceremonies. All over the world, a plethora of activity marks marriages, showcasing various aspects of that culture, and so is the case for Fante marriages. The Fantes are an Akan group found in Southern Ghana, in the Central, Western, and Western North regions. The Fantes have a rich culture with a long and rich history consisting of first contact with Europeans and fishing culture.

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 When it comes to marriage among the Fantes, it is not just a union between two people but between two families and society at large. Hence it is taken seriously, with various steps ensuring the best outcome. The ring is the sign of this union and because of that, you want to get the best of rings. There are two forms of marriage recognized by the Fantes and they are 

  1. Marriage under Ordinance
  2. Marriage by native Custom


In this present age, most marriages are done by a native custom first and marriage by ordinance is conducted afterwards, this is mostly done by Christians, marriage by ordinance is the only way monogamous marriages are recognized.


How does the Fante marriage take place?

   In the Fante marriage process, a marriage list is given to the groom. The Fante marriage list consists of items demanded by the bride’s family from the groom, without these items the ceremony cannot take place.


  1. The “Knocking” stage;

    Fante marriages begin with what is known as the “knocking” stage, where the groom formally introduces himself to the family of the bride. He does so with a gift of money or alcohol.

fante marriage list



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fante marriage list  

2. Customary presentation of gifts 

   This is the second stage in the Fante marriage ceremony. There is a customary presentation of gifts to the family of the bride, it can be alcohol, venison, or traditional cloth.


  3. Asking for the Bride’s hand in marriage 

    The relatives of the groom accompany him to the family of the bride to formally ask for her hand in marriage. The relatives of the groom could either be his uncles, older male cousins or the head of his family. Upon requesting her hand in marriage, the father of the bride asks whether she consents, if she does the marriage process continues.


   4. Giving of “Tri-nsa” 

       “Tri-nsa” meaning “head drink” is offered to the father of the bride or the head of the bride’s family by the groom. It is given to thank the father of the bride for giving the “head” of his daughter to him.

fante marriage list


   5. Preparing a meal for the groom 

        The bride with the help of her friends and family members prepares a traditional Fante meal for the groom and his family.


   6. Presentation of the Fante marriage list 

       This is the last but one stage and arguably the most important. The Fante marriage list is prepared by the                 father, mother, or head of the family, depending on who raised the bride and it is given to the groom 


What does the Fante marriage list contain?

       The Fante marriage list includes;

  1. A Bible and a ring 
  2. Pieces of traditional cloth
  3. Jewellery 
  4. Shoes
  5. The dowry
  6. Alcoholic beverages
  7. Money
  8. Cooking utensils

     The Fante marriage list is quite unique among other Akan marriage lists. Most items are given to the bride, with little given to her father, mother, and brothers. 

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  7. Organising the marriage ceremony 

    Once all the steps are completed a suitable date is selected for the ceremony to take place. The wedding takes place at either a church or family home and can be officiated by the head of either family or pastor. 

fante marriage list


How much is bride price in Ghana?

With any amount between GHC 600-GHC 5,000, you can pay the price for your bride. Some clans allow the groom to bring whatever they can afford. While others insist on a particular amount and will not release the bride if that amount is not paid.

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