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Items Needed for Ewe Knocking Ceremony

The Ewe people are an ethnic group from the southern regions of Ghana and Togo. The Ewe Knocking Ceremony is a traditional ritual that is performed when a young man has spotted a young lady and wants to ask for her hand in marriage. It’s typically between 2 families and considered a very important step towards their marriage journey. You are probably reading this because you need to know more about this process and you need to know the items needed for Ewe Knocking Ceremony. You can get more in our previous article on how The Ewe Knocking Ceremony is done but in this article, we will be focusing on the items needed in this ceremony. By the way, the best place to buy your rings and other jewellery is at We know your big day is almost here so we would like to encourage you to check out our beautiful collection.  You can place an order right here and we will have it delivered to you. You can also walk into their shop and make that bold and beautiful choice of the perfect wedding ring for your marriage.

Items needed in an indigenous Ewe Knocking ceremony

Since the knocking ceremony involves two families, it’s considered a whole event and is treated as such. A modern knocking ceremony may require only a bottle of schnapps from the male’s family and a bride price list from the female’s family. However, for the indigenous people, it’s a whole ceremony that initiates them into adulthood as well. Here is a list of items that may be used or required in an Ewe knocking ceremony:
  1. A traditional Ewe cloth: This is worn by the initiate during the ceremony.
  2. A horn: This is blown to signal the start of the ceremony.
  3. A knife: This is used to cut the initiate’s hair and symbolizes their transition into adulthood.
  4. A bowl of water: This is used to cleanse the initiate before the ceremony.
  5. Kolanut: These nuts are considered sacred by the Ewe people and are used as a form of libation during the ceremony.
  6. A chalk or white powder: This is used to mark the initiate’s forehead as a symbol of their transition into adulthood.
  7. A gourd: This is filled with water and is used to collect money from the guests.
  8. A traditional drum: The drum is usually played during the ceremony, often by a group of drummers who are specifically trained to play traditional Ewe rhythms.
  9. Food and drinks: A variety of traditional food and drinks are often prepared for the ceremony, including fufu, banku, kenkey, and palm wine.
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items needed for Ewe Knocking Ceremony

Items needed in a modern Ewe Knocking ceremony

  1. 2 bottles of Schnapps (Compusolry)
  2. Some pots of palm wine
  3. Bottles of water
  4. A list of items called a Bride Price List.
  5. Food and drinks.
The knocking ceremony is the first in the list of events leading to a marriage. It’s however not considered the main event and is therefore not made a very big ceremony. For some families, it’s even usually the first time the 2 families will be meeting officially for the first time. You’ve probably asked yourself what the budget will be for this ceremony. You would not need to use so much for this ceremony but depending on how large both families are you may need to spend more money on refreshment than on the actual purpose of the ceremony.


We hope this article helped you to know how to the items needed for your Ewe knocking ceremony. Organising an Ewe Knocking Ceremony is actually simpler than most people know. You just need to stay within your budget and work with your families to make the ceremony a success. In fact, the knocking ceremony is probably the less stressful part of the entire marriage journey so it will be wise to save money and time during this time. The wedding ring, for instance, is one of the things to focus on. Remember to check out our unique collection of rings at incredible prices for your big day. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified on discounts and offers.

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