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The Asante Marriage List

Asante Marriage is a time of great joy and celebration. across the globe, various customs and traditions go alongside Marriage. Within these customs most often than not, marriage lists are presented, stating the required items needed by the bride’s family from the groom or vice versa in some cultures. They must meet these requirements before the ceremony can continue, as is the case for the Asante people. 


The Asantes are an ethnic group found in central and southern Ghana. They are a part of the Akans and make up a vast majority of that ethnic group. In Asante society, marriage is not only a union between a man and a woman but between two families and the community at large, hence the community regards it seriously. After all is said and done, the rings the couple takes back home after the marriage are the real deal. That’s why you need to get the best rings from Derora Jewelry and Bridal

Asante marriage list, bride, engagement rings, Asante marriages, Ghana weddings, groom, knocking, tri-nsa

The Asante Marital Process

     The Asantes have a list that comprises various items given during the marriage ceremony. Asante marriages follow a set pattern beginning with; 

  1. The “Knocking” stage

The “knocking” stage is the first step to marriage among the Asante people, here the groom introduces himself to the bride’s family, namely her father, mother, uncle, and the family head. He makes his intentions known and does so with a gift of alcohol or money presented to the father or family head of the bride.


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         2. Presentation of formal marriage gifts 

During the Asante marriage, there is a customary presentation of gifts to the bride’s family. These may include local gin, meat, cloth, etc. These gifts are given directly to the head of the family or father.

          3.  The formal “begging” of the hand of the Bride 

The relatives of the groom namely his father, head of the family, or uncle go to the bride’s home to formally ask for her hand in marriage from her father, uncles, or family head on behalf of their kin. The father of the bride asks her whether she loves the man and desires to marry him if she consents, and the marital process proceeds.

Asante marriage list, bride, engagement rings, Asante marriages, Ghana weddings, groom, knocking, tri-nsa


           4. The giving of “Tri-nsa”(head drink)

“Tri-nsa” roughly translates to “head drink” in the language of the Asante people It implies that the groom presents a drink, mostly alcoholic, to the head of the bride’s family or father of the bride, thanking him for accepting his request and giving the “head” of his daughter to him.

Asante marriage list, bride, engagement rings, Asante marriages, Ghana weddings, groom, knocking, tri-nsa

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             5. Preparation of the matrimonial meal

The bride prepares a sumptuous meal for the groom and his family. This is usually a typical Asante dish, such as Fufu with palm soup or light soup.

             6. Presentation of the marriage list

 At this stage, the bride’s family gives the Asante marriage list to the groom. Either the head of the family, the bride’s father, uncle or elder brother, depending on who cared for and raised the bride, prepares the Asante marriage list.

The mother, father, brother, and bride will receive the items on the list. 


Items on the Asante marriage list can include; 

  1. A Bible and a ring 
  2. Traditional cloth
  3. Handkerchiefs
  4. Headscarves
  5. Jewellery
  6. Money
  7. Alcohol
  8. Livestock 
  9. Cooking utensils, etc 


The groom’s financial strength and capabilities are taken into consideration when preparing the list, such that it will not be a substantial burden to him and cause distress to the bride. 


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7. Organising the marriage ceremony

Once the Asante marriage list is complete, a date is picked, and the ceremony takes place in the presence of the two families, officiated by the head of either family. For Christian couples, a church wedding can take place afterwards before going on to a sign at the registry.

Asante marriage list, bride, engagement rings, Asante marriages, Ghana weddings, groom, knocking, tri-nsa

The Asantes have a beautiful way of organizing marriages. The Asante marriage list only adds to this, but an important aspect is the wedding and engagement rings which should last for decades to come. Browse through our beautiful collection of wedding rings, engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings to make the best choice for you and your spouse.

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