Ewe Knocking Ceremony

The Ewe Knocking Ceremony – How is it done?

The knocking ceremony is performed to honour the ancestors and celebrate the joining of two families through marriage. The indigenous Ewe people of Ghana perform the Ewe knocking ceremony with so much uniqueness. There are Ewes who belong to other religious sects who do not go by the process of this ceremony but there are some similarities. If you are reading this because you are at this stage of your marriage journey, you are probably considering buying your engagement and wedding rings next. The best place to buy your rings and other jewellery is at Derorashop.com. Check out our beautiful collection and have it delivered to you. You can walk into their shop and make that bold and beautiful choice of the perfect wedding ring for your marriage. Now let’s take a look at how it’s done.

How do the Ewes perform their knocking ceremony rights?

The indigenous Ewes perform this tradition differently from the Ewes in other religions. Here’s how they usually go about it.

1. Pre-Ceremony: Before the ceremony begins, the bride and groom are given a ceremonial bath and dressed in traditional clothing.

2. Invocation: The ceremony begins with an invocation of the ancestors. This is done to honour the ancestors and give them the blessing of the union of the two families.

3. Procession: After the invocation, the bride and groom are led in a procession to the ancestral shrine. The procession is accompanied by drummers and dancers.

4. Offering: At the ancestral shrine, the bride and groom offer prayers and gifts to the ancestors.

5. Knocking: This is the most important part of the ceremony. The bride and groom knock on the door of the ancestral shrine three times. This is a sign of respect and a way of thanking the ancestors for their blessing.

6. Blessing: After the knocking, the couple is blessed by the elders of the family.

7. Reception: The ceremony ends with a reception where the families and guests of the couple celebrate

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For a non-traditional Ewe knocking ceremony, however, the process is usually very different. During the courtship of the to-be couple, the groom’s family usually conduct a secret investigation and sometimes the Bride’s family also do the same. After the investigation, if the girl’s parents are satisfied with the man’s conduct and background, they allow them to perform the initial rites at the knocking ceremony. For this, two bottles of locally brewed gin are offered to the bride’s family by the to-be groom in appreciation which is known as the knocking fee. After which the bride price list is given.
The knocking ceremony typically involves prayer to God at the beginning and the end of the ceremony for religious or Christian families. The families are introduced to each other and the bride price list may be given before the departure of the groom and his family. Ewes are very loyal to each other and take their family ties very seriously. The Ewe knocking ceremony serves as a perfect opportunity for introductions to make sure distant family members get to know each other. If you are getting married to an Ewe, expect a lot of faithfulness.


It’s important to note that the traditional customs, practices, and items used might vary depending on the specific rituals and traditions of a given community or family, this list might not be an exhaustive one. We hope this article helped you to know what to expect in case you are marrying an Ewe or a relative. Don’t forget to check out our unique collection of rings at incredible prices for your big day.

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