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Congratulations on making it this far in your wedding planning journey! You now have to pick a wedding engagement ring. Wedding engagement rings symbolize a deeply personal and undying love for one’s spouse. A bond of eternal love, commitment, and devotion to each other. A wedding engagement ring is one that you both will be wearing for the rest of your lives therefore you must pick out the right ring that expresses to your partner how you feel about them. Locating an excellent place to pick out the right wedding engagement ring can be a daunting task as there is a lot to consider including the authenticity of the shop, the quality and grade certification of rings being produced, whether or not a warranty is being provided and the pricing of the rings. Not sure where to start? Well, in this article we will explore where to get wedding engagement rings in Ghana. 

wedding engagement ring, engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond rings, gold rings, silver rings

Where to get wedding engagement rings in Ghana.

There are numerous places in Ghana where one can go to purchase a wedding ring. They include Jewelry shops, local artisans, and online platforms. 

Jewelry Stores – Jewelry stores are undoubtedly one of the most popular and convenient places to purchase wedding engagement rings.  An excellent jewelry store in Ghana is Derora Premium Jewelry. At the Derora jewelry shop located at spintex 18 junction in Accra, customers have access to a variety of beautiful and uniquely crafted elegant rings that come in all shapes, sizes, and designs to suit every taste and need. One thing that sets Derora Jewelry shop apart from all other jewelry shops in Ghana is their personalized customer service.  Every single client is given the utmost priority by seasoned experts who guide them through purchasing the right wedding engagement ring. Whether gold, silver, or diamond rings, simple, classic, or intricate designs, large, small, or any other preference customers may have, the expert staff at Devora will ensure that the expectations of the clients are met to the fullest extent by customizing rings to meet specific needs and preferences.

wedding engagement ring, engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond rings, gold rings, silver rings


Online Stores – The future is all about e-commerce.  It is now possible to purchase wedding engagement rings online in Ghana. Derora Premium Jewelry has one of Ghana’s most sophisticated yet user-friendly online shops that is accessible to anyone anywhere in the country. Their online platform is built such that people of all ages can easily navigate through it. With just a click of a button or a scroll, customers can browse through the categories of rings available. Customers can search for rings via price, materials used, ratings, and a lot more. They also offer an exceptional delivery service straight from the shop to your doorstep with no issues whatsoever.

Prices of a wedding engagement ring in Ghana.

The price of a wedding ring generally depends on the material with which it was made and the intricate detailing on the ring. Prices of gold wedding rings in Ghana depend on the number of karats the ring contains, and the prices of diamond wedding rings depend on the size, the cut, or the karats of diamonds used in making the ring just to mention a few.

At Derora Premium Jewelry, there is a ring for every budget without having to compromise on quality. The prices of their rings range from 500 cedis to over 10,000 cedis.

silver rings range from 230.00 – 15,000.00

Gold 2850 to over 5,000

For any budget you may have, Derora Premium Jewelry can help you find a beautiful ring. 

wedding engagement ring, engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond rings, gold rings, silver rings


Whether you find yourself in Kumasi, Accra, Tamale, Takoradi or any location in Ghana Derora Premium Jewelry is but a Google search away. Whether you decide to purchase from their shop at spintex 18 junction in Accra or their online platform, customers have full access to their entire catalog and expert advice on choosing the perfect ring. They work from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 7 pm. They are also accessible on all social media handles  @derorashop. Derora has excellent, premium, and high-quality jewelry available to suit all tastes so if you are looking for where to get wedding engagement rings in Ghana, Derora Premium Jewelry is your best bet.

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